CEEQA Gala (Central & Estern European Real Estate Quality Award)

  • April 26, 2017, 07:00 PM - 10:10 PM
  • Warsaw, Poland — Map It!
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The CEEQA awards are announced each year at the CEEQA Gala, one of the most important dates in the European real estate business calendar with its invigorating mix of elite business, exclusive hospitality and world class entertainment. The climax of the CEEQA awards and events cycle never disappoints.

The 2017 edition of the New Europe property sector’s flagship annual gathering takes place once again at SOHO Factory on Warsaw’s historied east bank, attracting over 700 leaders from more than 50 countries in the field of European real estate investment and engaged in the project of building the future of New Europe − one of the most important economic and infrastructure rebuilding stories in European history.


The main focus of the CEEQA Gala is on celebrating the successes and success stories of the calendar year in commercial real estate investment across 18 countries in post-communist Central & Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe, from Estonia in the north to Albania in the south.  The sector’s most trusted annual industry awards are presented at the event to the best buildings, companies and industry professionals of the calendar year.

Organised in each year in association with the Financial Times, to recognised business excellence in the sector and to showcase  its achievements and opportunities to the global investment arena, in its fourteenth year the event is firmly established as the sector’s flagship annual gathering and one of the most valued real estate business events in Europe with its uniquely heady blend of elite business, exclusive hospitality and world class entertainment.


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