13th Annual International Conference On Real Estate Development 2017, April 26-27, Zagreb, Croatia

  • April 26 to April 27 2017
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The Annual International Conference on Real Estate Development is the key annual gathering place for all who participate in commercial real estate projects, the commercial real estate market, and in other industries that are related to real estate and construction in Croatia, the European Union, the wider region, and internationally.


Participants are owners, CEOs, board members, directors, and senior managers of companies that participate in commercial real estate and commercial property development projects. Lawyers, architects, contractors, users of commercial real estate, consultants, and many others also participate on our conferences.

The organizer, Filipović Business Advisory, welcomed a total of 950 speakers and 5,500 participants from 40 countries to the past 12 conferences.

The 13th, which takes place in the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel on April 26 and 27, will, as always, include competent speakers from Croatia and abroad who have made a name for themselves in the industry based on their years of work and their professional success.



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