ul. Gdanska

Pl PolandBydgoszcz


Name ul. Gdanska
Site Type Middle range retailing street
Status Existing
Rental value 480.00 €/year
Length of the pitch 1,100 m
  • Ul. Gdańska in Bydgoszcz, (in the pitch mapped out by retailp.com), is middle range retailing as you head further on, then it drops to low retailing and services. Although the pedestrian street called ul. Długa could also be considered as another good high street as it now been very nicely finished off, with lighting and footpaths. However, the retailing is poor with the exception of retailers like ECCO and Deni Cler. Ul. Gdańska has a much higher foot traffic and especially the even numbered side of the street. Retailers like Rossmann, Mc Donalds, Jackpot, Quiosque and Szulc have been there for years even before shopping centres started to open. The new retailers on this street are mainly local fashion and service retailers. Since the opening of the Vertano centre called Drukaria Shopping Centre, has also increased the number of international and national fashion retailers on this street.

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