Cz Czech RepublicPrague


Name Pariszka
Site Type High-end fashion / luxury goods street
Status Existing
Rental value 2,000.00 €/year
Length of the pitch 450 m
  • Parizska street in Prague could be compared to most high streets in Paris, as the name states. It is THE high street for luxury brands and labels, with a high level of customer service. The street itself is beautifully lined with old trees which adds also to the atmosphere as you enjoy a meal or drink in one of the restaurants and bars. The even numbered side of the street has the higher foot traffic and leads into the Staromestske Namesti (Old Market Square), which is the destination point of all tourists in Prague. Dior, Cartier, Prada and Burberry are some of the high-end brands that have opened on this street. Vuitton relocated in 2015 from n°13 to n°3. Among the latest arrivals : Breitling, Pinko.

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