ul. Dluga

Pl PolandBydgoszcz


Name ul. Dluga
Site Type Middle range retailing street
Status Existing
Rental value 408.00 €/year
Length of the pitch 300 m
  • Ul. Długa is the pedestrian high street of Bydgoszcz. In 2003 the street was relayed with cobble stone and new lighting giving the street a pleasent atmosphere. There are a few known retailers like Deni Cler, ECCO and Rosenthal, the rest are a mix of local retailers offering middle to low fashion and service retailing. For a street like ul. Długa there are quite a few sport shoe retailers. Beyond ul. Jana Kazimierza the retail is of very little interest and the foot traffic drops off by more than 50%. In the last 12 months (from 05/2005) more retailer have closed and gone into the shopping centres like Galeria Pomorska, Auchan or other existing shopping centres. It's a sign of the times, high street vs shopping centres. But as of 11/2008 there are a number of buildings empty and ready for sale.

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